Saturday, 17 April 2010

Foraging and Forest gardens

We sweated working today! Although the theme today was Forest gardening which essentially is a no-dig food growing system, we did some digging and it was hot! We are creating a mandala veg bed for annual which will be partially raised. Today we made a start by removing the grass.

We foraged and made nettle soup for afters! Yum.

After carefully exploring an overgrown patch of garden half a meter by 2 metres and finding about 20 edible plants I announced that the other 2 plants there were weeds to which I was told that most people would call almost all the plants there weeds! Lets see if i can remember what we found: Nettles, chard, purple mustard, strawberry, daisy, rocket, plantain, ground elder, cleavers, rose, hawthorn, pansy, violet. i just had to go out with my torch to see what I missed. Lovely new moon slither and lots of stars, Lovely....there was also corn salad, dead nettle and hedge garlic. These were all in the little patch. It is a fantastic time of year to eat leaves. The apple tree next door, which is lending my garden several bowers is about to burst into flower.

I noticed a blackcurrant plant was in leaf and flower today and watched it being pollinated by a bee. Mmm.

Not so many children today, a very different dynamic.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Next session this Saturday 17th: Forest gardening

We will be exploring the Permaculture technique: forest gardening and using plants. This will include a forage walk in the garden and applying permaculture principles.

Since our last session things are taking shape very slowly in the garden. I have laid out a circle for the mandala vege bed and planted a beautiful cherry plum. I had a wonderful walk in woods near Kearsney yesterday and pigged out on wild garlic (ramsons). I have never seen so much in my life. A few plants are now in my garden.

I have decided not to take on chickens just yet as for all the work and cost there will not be much return. With basic calculations it seems it would cost less to buy the eggs I need without all the commitment and set up. Great to explore and definitely something for later when I have more of a community around me.

Next date

Saturday May 15th afternoon.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Evolving Design

The kids had a great time.
And measuring out the map geometry grid.

Another packed session left the garden a little bit closer to being realised. More soon.