Saturday, 17 April 2010

Foraging and Forest gardens

We sweated working today! Although the theme today was Forest gardening which essentially is a no-dig food growing system, we did some digging and it was hot! We are creating a mandala veg bed for annual which will be partially raised. Today we made a start by removing the grass.

We foraged and made nettle soup for afters! Yum.

After carefully exploring an overgrown patch of garden half a meter by 2 metres and finding about 20 edible plants I announced that the other 2 plants there were weeds to which I was told that most people would call almost all the plants there weeds! Lets see if i can remember what we found: Nettles, chard, purple mustard, strawberry, daisy, rocket, plantain, ground elder, cleavers, rose, hawthorn, pansy, violet. i just had to go out with my torch to see what I missed. Lovely new moon slither and lots of stars, Lovely....there was also corn salad, dead nettle and hedge garlic. These were all in the little patch. It is a fantastic time of year to eat leaves. The apple tree next door, which is lending my garden several bowers is about to burst into flower.

I noticed a blackcurrant plant was in leaf and flower today and watched it being pollinated by a bee. Mmm.

Not so many children today, a very different dynamic.

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