Monday, 10 May 2010

Things are happening in the garden.

Things are happening in the garden. Some energy is moving for me.

Lets see. Andy is letting me keep the shed which has been sitting in my drive for 6 weeks. i have got quite attached to it. I opened it for the first time a couple of days ago and discovered Andy M, the original owner and generous donator had it kitted out with all sorts of hooks for hanging tools off. Also has gutter and down pipe for collecting water which I have been put to use already.

I have almost completed removing grass from circle mandala bed. This has been a labour of love. It took a real persistence to move the bag of gravel. I know putting a lot of work into the set up is important, it will mean less and less work later.

A little log table and chair ensemble has been placed at the back end of the Mandala area. I had Iona in mind but found myself enjoying a cup of coffee there earlier.

More plants have been planted, another seat and general tidying up. have discovered all the glass should fir the greenhouse somehow.

Am hoping to start sowing out own harvested runner beans tomorrow in the toilet rolls collected just for that job.

This Saturday in session 5 we will be practising designing. Then in session 6 we will review all the sessions and have a garden party afterwards.

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