Friday, 5 March 2010

Excited & scared

I feel very excited and a little scared! I have been bonkers about Permaculture for 20years and have tonnes of experience but this is the first time I have ever consciously created my own Permaculture garden. I have designed and created many Permacultural and Forest gardens over the years for others. Now it is my turn.

The sun is shining here. I have a million things to organise but here I am doing my first bit of blogging and already finding I want to write loads.

I will restrain myself and just add in the way that miracles happen. This week 2 significant gifts have arrived. My friend Tom has moved house and given me a Flowform! This in itself is totally brilliant and will be a beautiful and useful asset in the garden. if you dont know what this is then look it up. The other gift is from Andy who is also moving. He dropped off 4 trailers of seasoned wood for my log burner and a lot of large slices of wood that can be used to make garden furniture. Thanks Tom and Andy.

Got to go and prepare for our first session tomorrow.

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