Monday, 15 March 2010

Next session this Saturday and strawberries are planted!

Well I got the strawberries planted in the planter, very exciting! A few plants have been dotted around the garden. The rest have been planted up to sell on the Permaculture stall I am doing at the Steiner school's Easter Bazaar. So big thanks to Alice for the plants.

i actually got my 2010 copy of the biodynamic calender last week. I have a terrible habit of getting them in March when I start getting desperate to know whether or not it is a leaf or pruning day. I thought I might make session 3 a wacky one exploring dowsing, earth geometry and biodynamics. I will see what the team want!

I have drawn up the survey so now have a base plan to doodle all over and hopefully make all the design mistakes on paper!

I am getting ready for the next session on Saturday and have to say i am incredibly excited and a bit nervous. I love sharing Permaculture I think it is such an awesome idea. Designing for someone else seems easier. So i will introduce some design skills on Saturday with which we will hopefully uncover some of the design for this garden.

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