Friday, 5 March 2010

More magical manifestations

Andy from round the corner has brought another 4 trailer loads of things he does not need anymore that I can use! Matching garden table, chairs and umbrella. (All timber painted a tasteful blue. Just needs a little TLC). A strawberry planter thing. I have always had a yearning for one of those. Just need to get 20 strawberry plants now! More giant slices of wood. A barrow, felting to go on the wood store I now need! And the loan of a sack barrow to use tomorrow on the big first day.

He is so fired up hearing about Permaculture that I may well be invited to the Lake District to help design his small holding into a productive place. A great energy exchange!

It is a good job my meeting was cancelled today so I was around to help him cart around the giant bits of wood. I have a feeling we will be sharing out potential timber slice tables and stools amongst the willing workers that come along!

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