Friday, 5 March 2010

I am excited! We start tomorrow!

I have invited people through the local Kent Permaculture and Transistion networks to come and learn about Permaculture hands on for free! I sent out the message below.

Create a Permaculture Garden from scratch!
First session Saturday March 6th 1.30-4.30 in Bekesbourne

The aim is to Create a super productive garden that provides most of our food without much work once set up.

Would you like to learn about Permaculture in a hands on way?

Practice design skills, hang out with like minded people helping with a project.FOR FREE! Well sort of, you have to work for it, so bring gloves and wellies when you come!

I am a Permaculture teacher and experienced garden designer.

You bring your hands, some time and an open mind, help me make a compost bin, fit a water bin or dig a pond etc., I teach you permaculture design, with cups tea thrown in!

To start with: Permaculture garden design, then specialist Permaculture techniques such as forest gardening, creating guilds etc

If you can’t make this date but would like to be involved, please let me know.

What is a Permaculture Garden ?
Produces high yields of crops for little work
Minimum work for maximum output
Works with nature, not against it
Thoughtful design means yields are theoretically unlimited
Everything garden. One that meets our needs in a beautiful and simple way: food, fun for kids, somewhere to chill and whatever else we want to include.

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