Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Strawberry plants are coming!

Alice on Stone Street has been invaded by hundreds of strawberry plants and is glad to release a few dozen! I will go and dig them up in the next couple of days.

I never realised how much I wanted one of these strawberry planters. You know the large pot with about 20 holes for plants to be popped in. Strawberry plants are so versatile. Of course you get the lovely fruit. They are a great ground cover. They are beautiful plants, and every year they make more and more plants. If I get really hungry I can eat the leaves too, bit tough. that would be one for the stock pot!

I never made it to the beach yesterday. I did make it to Thanet by total mistake so ran up a few unnecessary carbon miles and was late for my meeting. I did however find time to look at the list of vegetable and apart from cabbages, I want everything!

So a vegetable order will be winging its way on Thursday! I may restrain myself!

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